Hiya, welcome to my website!

My name is Kaz, this is personal website where I just write about things on my mind- ideas, revelations and whatnot.


Just a space to capture and share ideas, informal writing. It just might range from small snippets to my thoughts to full out essays and anything in-between. All ideas are my opinions, so it's okay to disagree!


My "excuse" to chat to fun and interesting people. I chat explore people's life stories- tracing their childhood, different turning points and what their "meaning of life is." My podcast is called "Infinite Possibilities"- the podcast where we explore the lives of amazing people, their choices, challenges and opportunities. Change one thing, change everything, infinite possibilities.


I don't consider myself an "artist," I'm more of a "trial-and-error-ist." My ideas are not original, mostly inspired by other people's art. Also, I personally believe everyone can draw, the only difference is that it can come more naturally to others. Some people like me, spend a long time drawing the same line over and over until it is straight or curved the way we want. Every picture starts with a line.

Highly recommend everyone to start their own website!

Easier than you think- since we have Ghost (which I use) or Wix (easier to use but more $$).